Mindfulness: stack of stones

LaughLife Mindfulness programs impart a range of mindfulness practices designed to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and increase resilience and life fulfilment. Both in her own life and that of her clients, Ros has seen how mindfulness practice reduces stress and enhances calm, joy and awareness.

With a wide range of documented health, social and performance benefits, it’s not surprising that a growing number of individuals, schools and workplaces are embracing regular mindfulness practice.

Health benefits include:Untitled-1

  • Increased concentration and memory
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Greater compassion and empathy
  • Heightened levels of awareness
  • Better response to stressful or emotional situations
  • Increased calm.


Recommended as 6-week blocks, programs or individual coaching sessions are tailored to suit individual or organisational needs. Workshops cover a range of scientifically proven successful Mindfulness techniques including:

  • Mindful Breathing practices
  • Developing your inner smile
  • Mindful walking
  • Body Scan practices 
  • Eating mindfully
  • Gratitude practices.


Individual Mindfulness coaching sessions

These 60 minute sessions are tailored to your needs.  A range of mindfulness practices are covered, designed to rewire brain and body to positivity, lessen stress and anxiety and maximize life fulfilment. 

Keynote presentations 

These presentations are designed to inspire and inform your workplace, school or organisation, and are designed to cater to your organisation’s needs. They outline how regular mindfulness practice transforms and enhances individual and organisational wellbeing. Topics by way of example include:

  • The Mindful Leader/Employee/Student – How regular Mindfulness practice reduces stress, improves relationships and decision-making skills, and helps you to become more productive and creative.
  • From Mind full to Mindful – How regular Mindfulness practice can transform you into the best version of yourself.


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