Thank you for the thank you

I’ve always been a big believer in good manners. As a child I’m sure at times I felt aggravated by being constantly reminded to begin and end every request with a please or a thank you, yet now it has become such an unconscious act, that the only time I give it thought, is in their ab

Taking a breather

One might think that something as innate as breathing would be something we all naturally do well, yet it in my own experience and from observing others, as much as of course we breathe, many of us, most of the time, do not breathe optimally. One could be forgiven for thinking I’m sta

Don’t smile for the camera

The other day I had my passport photo taken, retaken and retaken again. You see there cannot be a hint of a smile, and for some reason, even though my pearly whites were securely hidden, something was causing my photo to be rejected time after time. If it hadn’t been for my son’s phot

When a joke is just not funny

Whist very much in holiday mode, a sea kayak tour was booked that within a short space of time diverted from its intended enjoyable course. The manager of the hire company enthusiastically decides to recount a joke to forge a connection with his new clients. He takes a look in my dire