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The following is a guest blog that I wrote for SpiritGrow Mindfulness Meditation Centre about mindfulness.  I am republishing it to coincide with Mindful in May.  Details about how you can join Mindful in May are at the end of the blog.

One might think that something as powerful as mindfulness, with its potential to affect such significant change to one’s mind, body and spirit would require a tremendous amount of time, energy and perhaps even sacrifice. Yet the extraordinary thing about mindfulness is, once one’s mind has been open to it, change almost becomes effortless. 

Initially this may be difficult to conceive as imaginable, let alone achievable, however once one has experienced its life enriching potential it is hard to imagine a time in one’s life of being unaware of its existence, leading one to question all the other things that one has yet to discover. 

Successful practice of mindfulness lies in the ability to transform it from being an external adjunct or add-on, intermittently featuring as an intention or focus in our lives, to a lens to view the world, holistically integrated into our body and mind, which in turn flows into our entire being. It is a means to connect with the universe at a higher level whereby one sees more visually, hears more attentively, feels more sensitively, tastes more appreciatively and smells more keenly. It is about being present, being aware; simply being.

Like focusing on ones breath in the process of meditation links to our soul, mindfulness brings an aspect of spirit to everything that we focus on. Whether it be in conversations with friends, families or colleagues, an embrace with our children, parents or partner, or surrounded by the beauty of nature, it provides a heightened level of appreciation, the opportunity to really savour, and a perspective whereby fascination and curiosity are rekindled and revitalised. Mindfulness brings out the depth in something inanimate and the life in something living, providing a new perspective on everything.

It’s akin to tuning in with a fine pitchfork to all five senses, one by one, they all come alive; sense, smell, touch, taste and sound. Mini-awakenings, transforming us from what often feels like our one dimensional lives, to really experience it in the full three dimensions and perhaps even into another dimension entirely. It illuminates the brightness, providing enhanced clarity on whatever the mind focuses on, not just during ‘active’ periods of mindfulness, but with time and practice throughout our daily lives.

The application of mindfulness has the potent ability to bring out the extraordinary in ordinary, the meaning that often gets dismissed in the seemingly meaningless and the connection from the fragmented disconnect that one often feels. It’s about a uniquely ‘time in’ focus, remarkably resulting in a ‘time out’ feeling where one is instantly transformed from a human doing to a human being. You can’t get better than that!

In love and laughter


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