3 Steps to Developing a Smiling Mindset

There’s nothing more uplifting than sharing a smile – a mirrored reflection of pure love and joy. Even if only for a brief moment in time, this transaction has the unique ability to lift spirits and connect. The more we consciously choose to smile or laugh, the more we re-wire our brain to a more positive mindset. Developing a smiling mindset is one of the best ways to naturally and authentically build positive emotions, both in ourselves and others setting you up for increased happiness, life satisfaction and optimal wellbeing.

The more you smile, the more you will find reason to smile: at work, home, with friends or colleagues – any and everywhere. All that’s required is bringing a conscious level of awareness to your smile. Essentially, think and embody your smile.

Three ways to switch on your inner smile:

1. Inner smile cue sheet

On an A4 piece compile your inner smile list of places, peoples, activities, experiences or spiritual symbols that trigger your inner smile or elicit that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling Place this list somewhere visible so you can easily connect to these endorphin boosters. Enrich this visualisation process adding different textures, scents, sounds, tastes and colours. Your mind actually can’t tell the difference between real and imagined, so the more vivid your imaginings the better.

2. Inner smile mindfulness practice (5-10 minutes).

Seated or lying down gently close your eyes, taking a moment to connect with your breath. Think of a time in your life you were unconditionally loved or that all was well in your life and place a smile on your face. Sense into this smile noting how you feel when you focus attention on a smile. Deepen this sensation, breathing the smile in and as you exhale, share this beautiful love and life affirming smile around your body, until every cell, every tissue, every muscle, every fibre of your body is smiling back at you. Your smile has just changed your body’s biochemistry.

3. Practice smiling outside your comfort zone

The more you wear a smile, the more people will smile back at you. Perhaps start in your workplace . If a fellow employee doesn’t immediately smile back, don’t think you’ve done something wrong. Who knows what meeting they have just come from!

So whether you’re talking, sitting, walking, waiting or even just by yourself – think ‘smile’. What are you waiting for? Don’t keep it to yourself, share a smile or laugh with someone. You may never be able to assess its true reach, but as a gift that keeps giving, it could well be infinite. Now how many things can do that?

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