I recently had an opportunity to contribute to ALSCO’s comprehensive list to enhance employee wellness. Below are 149 useful tips and ideas about what to do to keep the employees healthy and well while having fun at the workplace. My tip #108. Get On Board The Smile Train!

“A balanced diet, regular physical activity, and positive environment are among the most important factors for a happy working life. Besides the obvious humane reasons for wanting everybody to be healthy and happy, it also pays off in terms of productivity and efficiency. Fit and satisfied employees are more productive and they cost the company less.

Additionally, it is natural for employees to give their best in a working environment where they feel appreciated and taken care off. This is why every company should put in some additional effort to provide its employees with efficient employee wellness boosting program…”

Thanks Alsco for this great resource!

More at: https://www.alsco.com.au/employee-wellness-health/  

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