Workplace wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing

Would you like to transform your workplace into a wellplace? LaughLife specialises in tailor-made wellbeing programs to reduce stress,  promote resilience, build more cohesive teams, create a positive mindset and free the mind to be more productive and creative. 

Using the evidence-based MORE LAUGHTER wellbeing framework, essential strategies and practices are imparted to revitalise and enhance your personal and professional wellbeing are highlighted including:



Optimistic style                                                        


Empathy & compassion



Appreciation and gratitude

Unique (what makes you unique?)


Helping others                                            


Endorphin boosters



LaughLife offers a range of programs, workshops and services to enhance workplace wellbeing including:

  • How to rewire your brain and body to positivity
  • Discover the exciting science behind happiness
  • Conversational Intelligence – a whole new way to build trust, partnership and mutual success.
  • Endorphin boosting workshops – identify individual endorphin boosters
  • Mindfulness presentations and workshops
  • Guidance and support to create, develop and implement a workplace wellness policy.


Keynotes (guide only)

How to Shine Brightly – Beating Burnout. Simple strategies to keep you on track, personally and professionally.

Rewiring your Brain to Positive and how doing so will lead to a complete and constant state of calm, joy and awareness.

Laughing at Adversity – strategies to enhance wellbeing and healing even during and especially during life’s challenges.


An initial consultation will help determine the program best suited to your workplace’s needs.