Student wellness

Student Wellbeing

At LaughLife we have developed programs to provide students (no matter the age) with simple yet effective strategies to improve overall wellbeing, leading to happier students, who perform better in all aspects of their lives.

Drawing on her experience lecturing in Health Promotion and diverse life and personal experience, Ros uses her specialised evidence-based Laughter Wellness and Mindfulness programs to: 

Build Resilience –  Regular laughter and mindfulness practice assists individuals adjust to stress and adversity

Create a Positive Mindset – Strategies to orient the brain to a positive mindset and change the brain’s chemistry through the process of neuroplasticity enhancing creativity and productivity 

Enhance communication and social connection – Mindfulness and laughter are two of the most powerful and effective tools to get people communicating better with one another.  In an era of increased reliance on technology for communication, students get back to the basics of face-to-face interaction, helping reduce bullying, and build more cohesive and respectful communities

Reduce stress – Laughter and mindfulness are proven ways to help shift difficult emotions, freeing the body and mind of stress.  It is particularly effective in decreasing exam stress, transition issues (beginning school life, transition from primary to secondary) and also the general stresses of the school years

Free the mind to be more creative and productive –  Regular mindfulness and laughter bring you very much into the present moment:  both are forms of meditation.

Increase oxygenation – As an aerobic activity laughter enhances oxygen levels, optimising body and brain functioning, leading to improved concentration and productivity 

Promote playfulness – enabling students to develop their imagination and enhance cognitive and emotional strength and also interaction with others.

Wellbeing programs are individually designed to suit the specific needs of a school or university community and are tailored to fit in with academic timetables.