Laughter Wellness

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Laughter Wellness is a mind-body practise that uses the energy of laughter to improve all aspects of your wellbeing.  One of the best ways of experiencing the therapeutic benefit of laughter is through laughter yoga, where participants are guided through simulated laughter exercises, together with deep breathing and clapping.  As an aerobic exercise, Laughter yoga is the perfect activity for anyone at any stage of life wanting to feel greater energy, stress relief and improved wellbeing. 

Laughter sessions are loads of fun whilst revitalising energy, connecting people, decreasing stress levels and increasing harmony in the workplace. With a minimum number of 5 participants, with no real maximum, laughter sessions are ideal for large or small groups, and suited to groups with limited mobility or associated health limitations.

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Why Laughter?

  • Builds Resilience – Learning to laugh at yourself assists in adjusting to stress and adversity
  • Creates a Positive Mindset – Laughter orients the brain to a positive mindset – regular laughter and smiling actually changes  the brain’s chemistry through neuroplasticity
  • Enhances communication and connects people – It’s very hard for two people who laugh together to feel any animosity towards another. It’s a fantastic team builder
  • Reduces stress –  Laughter helps shift difficult emotions, freeing the body and mind of stress
  • Frees the mind to be more creative and productive –  Laughter has a similar effect on the brain as meditation,  bringing you very much into the present moment
  • Increases oxygenation – This optimises healthy body and brain functioning, improving concentration and productivity levels
  • Promotes playfulness – Enhancing imagination, cognitive and emotional strength and also interaction with others.

Laughter sessions are ideal:

  • As part of a wellbeing or teambuilding program or “Lunch ‘n Learn”
  • Conference icebreaker activity
  • Fundraiser activity
  • School or University wellbeing, pre-exam de-stress or orientation program
  • Strategic Planning or Professional Development days
  • As part of an exercise/activity program in Aged Care facilities
  • Complementary health-promoting activity in Hospitals
  • Birthday parties.Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.56.02 pm

One-on-one Laughter wellness coaching        

One-on-one laughter wellness coaching is a highly specialised and effective stress-management strategy. Clients have reported that regular laughter wellness coaching has assisted with improving mood and overall mental health. Coaching sessions are tailored to individual needs. So if you feel the need to reconnect with your inner laughter, why not try laughter wellness coaching?

Therapeutic Laughter Leader Training

Specialised therapeutic laughter leader training is also available, where participants gain key skills to lead laughter wellness sessions in their workplace. Training is ideal for anyone in the health or education sector, or for those interested in developing a deeper understanding of how laughter wellness positively effects physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Presentations and keynotes

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