Positivity Resilience – Coaching, Keynotes and Workshops

The Positivity Resilience Essentials Program (PREP) is a wellbeing program provides individuals and organisations with life skills to cope with change, alleviate stress and promote internal harmony. Drawing on expertise from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Health Promotion and Laughter Wellness, PREP  reveals how to create a more positive brain despite often less than optimal external circumstances. It imparts skills to develop inner resources that promote mental health and wellbeing. 

 PREP has been delivered to a range of workplaces including local government, health providers and educational institutions. It has also been delivered as one-on-one coaching, helping people bounce forward, not backwards from adversity.

The PREP program will:

  • Help you create a positive brain
  • Dispel some of the myths around positivity
  • Create greater harmony in your life
  • Empower your self-compassionate voice
  • Grow gratitude
  • Help you tune into your inner smile
  • Connect you to your joy.


Client Testimonial:

If you are looking for a mental pick-me-up I strongly recommend you contact Ros. Over a couple of months Ros introduced me to a series of exercises and techniques that could be easily integrated into my daily routine which made me feel more positive, grateful , and more compassionate about myself.  I even think they made me smile. Well a bit more then I use to anyway.


In order to maximise life transformation or create a positive shift in your workplace a minimum of two PREP sessions are recommended.