LaughLife  offers one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help enhance positivity, wellness and vitality.  Specialised coaching sessions offer: 

  • Positivity Resilience – Why bounce back when you can bounce forward. Sessions help you create a positive mindset, despite often less than optimal external circumstances

  • Mindfulness – Experience a range of mindfulness practices to promote inner harmony, calm and joy. 

  • Laughter Wellness – Amplify the positive in all aspects of your life with a laughter mindset. 

  • Wellness coaching enabling you to shift from an illness to a wellness mindset.

One hour sessions are tailored to individual needs,  providing essential life skills to enhance positivity, joy and wellness.  

Client Testimonials:

“If you are looking for a mental pick-me-up I strongly recommend you contact Ros. Over a couple of months Ros introduced me to a series of exercises and techniques that could be easily integrated into my daily routine which made me feel more positive, grateful , and more compassionate about myself.  I even think they made me smile. Well a bit more then I use to anyway” – (Mr Corporate Burnout)

“As a result of Ros’s coaching, my life has changed for the better. I feel more positive and am getting much more enjoyment out of life. I’m much more mindful of steps I can take to enhance my wellbeing” – (Critical Care Nurse)

“Thank you so much for the smiling meditation.  I have been using it daily and I’m sure it’s contributing to my recovery” – Woman undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. 


An initial consultation will help determine the coaching program best suited to your needs.